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Ben Granfelt ‎– Gratitude LP

Ben Granfelt ‎– Gratitude LP

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Ben Granfelt ‎– Gratitude

His 20th solo album is Granfelt's homage to role models who influenced his style as a
guitarist. He mentions Gary Moore, Jeff Beck and Robin Trower in particular. The fact
that the album release falls exactly on his 60th birthday shows that it is a very special
piece of work for the exceptional Finnish guitarist. It is also a retrospective of his
career with highs and lows, which, as the title says, he looks back on with gratitude.
The fact that he recorded the album with his long-time companions Masa Maijanen
on bass and Jari Salminen on drums and percussion shows his down-to-earthness.
Miika Aukio, Erja Lyytinen's keyboard player, adds a special, sometimes slightly
psychedelic touch to the songs.

Stylistically, the work spans a range from blues to monumental rock to jazz, which is
not least due to Granfelt's three great idols.
Besides the blues-rock songs like "I Got The Blues From You" with beautiful
background vocals by Katja Sirkiä and fine keyboard passages by Miika Aukio, he
shows in the instrumentals "JB Reggae" and "Techno Blues" that he also has a vein
for jazz, to show in pieces like "Remember" and "Gratitude that he also has a soft
spot for the kind of guitar playing of David Gilmour. In the quiet, almost dreamy "Life
Goes On", Granfelt musically gives an insight into his positive attitude to life.
With the album Gratitude, Granfelt proves that he is one of the best guitarists in the
world, and the years of songwriting with Wishbone Ash are also noticeable.

01. I Got The Blues From You
02. Life Goes On
03. Remember, Never Forget
04. Desire, The Sirens Call
05. Leave it Alone
06. JB Reggae
07. Techno Blues
08. Gratitude
09. The 100th Time 

Label: ON Stage Records
Released: 2023

Jyrki-Pekka O. vahvistettu ostaja, 11.12.2023
Yllättävän hyvä levy, tällaisia positiivisia yllätyksiä lisää:)
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