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Stardust – Kingdom of illusion CD

Stardust – Kingdom of illusion CD

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Stardust – Kingdom of illusion

Up - and - coming melodic rockers Stardust have announced the forthcoming release of their much anticipated second studio album, “Kingdom Of Illusion” on June 16, 2023. The new album once again is a stunning showcase of the band's talents in the Melodic Rock / AOR genre, while simultaneously introducing their ability to effortlessly delve into a more hard rocking sound.
Hungary's Stardust are one of the hottest new AOR bands to come out of the underground European scene in recent years. Their independently released self-titled debut EP stirred up quite a buzz in the underground melodic rock scene, which ultimately led to their signing to Frontiers Music Srl after some ardent fans of the band put them to the attention of label staff during one of the Frontiers Rock Festivals. The band released their much anticipated debut full-length, "Highway To Heartbreak", in October 2020 to great critical acclaim, proving that the early buzz generated by their EP was more than warranted.
Founded in 2015, Stardust's style is an amalgam of the classic melodic hard rock and AOR genres, with hooky choruses, beautiful keyboards, vocal harmonies, and loud guitars in the style of their favorite mid-80's bands, bringing to life this well beloved music in the 21st century. After the great reception to their debut album, "Kingdom Of Illusion" see these ambitious rockers further developing and enhancing their sound for another truly delightful release.

1.    War
2.    The Fire
3.    Losing Me
4.    Sacrifice
5.    Love Sells
6.    Heroes
7.    One First Kiss
8.    Make Me Feel Your Love
9.    Ain’t No Woman
10.    Sarah
11.    Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)

Label: Frontier
Released: 2023

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