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Bad Brains – God Of Love LP

Bad Brains – God Of Love LP

Bad Brains – God Of Love LP

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Bad Brains – God Of Love

Hardcore punk pioneers Bad Brains released their sixth full-length God Of Love in 1995. The original line-up was back together, and the album was promoted with a big tour and concerts on the Beastie Boys' Ill Communication Tour. The album has that typical Bad Brains mix of reggae, hardcore, punk, and hard rock, all mixed to a perfect blend. The band continued to evolve and created such a versatile album that people from different backgrounds felt attracted to it.

God Of Love is available on black vinyl and includes an insert.

1. Cool Mountaineer
2. Justice Keepers
3. Long Time
4. Rights of a Child
5. God of Love
6. Overs the Water
7. Tongue Tee Tie
8. Darling I Need You
9. To the Heavens
10. Thank Jah
11. Big Fun
12. How I Love Thee

Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 1995/2023

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