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Edgar Winter – Entrance / Edgar Winter's White Trash CD

Edgar Winter – Entrance / Edgar Winter's White Trash CD

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Edgar Winter – Entrance / Edgar Winter's White Trash

Although known mostly as a Blues musician, saxophonist, keyboardist and composer Edgar Winter is one musician who's never been afraid to venture into multiple musical arenas, often times within the space of one album, as in his debut, Entrance. Edgar was signed to Epic Records in 1970 after performing on his brother's Second Winter album. He recorded Entrance, which featured himself on most of the instruments. After radio success accompanying his brother on Johnny Winter And, he formed a large horn ensemble called White Trash. Although it was a short-lived group which broke up in mid-'72, Winter assembled another group to record two more albums for Epic Records, White Trash and Roadwork. Here we have the first two records on one CD. Re-mastered, slip-cased and with new notes.


Disc 1 – Entrance Winter's Dream
1-1 Entrance 3:31
1-2 Where Have You Gone 2:39
1-3 Rise To Fall 4:04
1-4 Fire And Ice 6:38
1-5 Hung Up 3:14
1-6 Back In The Blues 2:17
1-7 Re-Entrance 2:29
1-8 Tobacco Road 4:10
1-9 Jump Right Out 4:21
1-10 Peace Pipe 4:43
1-11 A Different Game 5:04
1-12 Jimmy's Gospel 4:44

Disc Two – White Trash
2-1 Give It Everything You Got 4:33
2-2 Fly Away 3:02
2-3 Where Would I Be 3:58
2-4 Let's Get It On 5:04
2-5 I've Got News For You 3:56
2-6 Save The Planet 5:40
2-7 Dying To Live 4:04
2-8 Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll 3:46
2-9 You Were My Light 5:02
2-10 Good Morning Music 4:23

Label: BGO Records
Released: 2005

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