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Angie Stone – Mahogany Soul CD

Angie Stone – Mahogany Soul CD

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Angie Stone – Mahogany Soul

'Mahogany Soul’ perfectly describes the rich, deep, and lived-in music Angie Stone makes. This veteran singer/songwriter, who was one-third of rap trio ‘Sequence’, led acid-jazz combo ‘Vertical Hold’, and she had a major hand in creating D'Angelo's ‘Brown Sugar’ album. Just as India Arie delivers in Acoustic Soul, so does Ms. Stone invoke memories of Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway, so smooth, so rich, so velvet. "The Ingredients Of Love" with Musiq Soulchild is a tight song and a nice collaboration between Neo Soul artists and "Wish I Didn't Miss You", which takes the beat from The O' Jays' "Backstabbers" and Angie ripping it with her vocals. Angie Stone has finally started to gain the recognition she has deserved for so long.

1. Soul Insurance
2. Brotha
3. Pissed Off
4. More Than a Woman
5. Snowflakes
6. Wish I Didn't Miss You
7. Easier Said Than Done
8. Bottles & Cans
9. The Ingredients of Love
10. What U Dyin' For
11. Makings of You (Interlude)
12. Mad Issues
13. If It Wasn't
14. 20 Dollars
15. Life Goes On
16. The Heat (Outro)
17. Time of the Month (Bonus Track)

Label: Music On CD
Released: 2001/2020

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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