Einaudi By Lavinia – Passaggio LP Coloured Vinyl

Einaudi By Lavinia – Passaggio LP Coloured Vinyl

Einaudi By Lavinia – Passaggio LP Coloured Vinyl

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Einaudi By Lavinia – Passaggio

Lavinia Meijer is one of the most versatile harpists of this era and representative for Dutch harpists worldwide. She experiments with different forms of music and art, like theatre, dance, electronica and jazz. Her last album contained adaptations of Phillip Glass, for which she received a Platinum award in The Netherlands for selling more than 20.000 copies.

In Passaggio, Lavinia adapts the works of Ludovico Einaudi, for which the maestro allowed his full cooperation. As Lavinia herself says: "The music of Einaudi speaks to me through my fingers and crosses all borders. The pieces that are presented on Passaggio fill me with joy and affection, which I want to share with my audience, hoping to solve some of the mystery of Einaudi. Or maybe even better; to enlarge the mystery altogether".

Passaggio is available as a 10th anniversary edition of 500 individually numbered copies on translucent red coloured vinyl. The package contains a 4-page booklet with pictures and liner notes.

1. Divenire
2. I Giorni
3. Oltremare
4. Una Mattina
5. Le Onde
6. Dietro L'incanto
7. Ora
8. The Snow Prelude No. 1 5
9. Passaggio
10. Nuvole Bianche
11. Due Tramonti

Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 2013/2023

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Lavinia Meijer - Passaggio: Einaudi By Lavinia on vinyl