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Pere Ubu – Trouble On Big Beat Street CD

Pere Ubu – Trouble On Big Beat Street CD

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Pere Ubu – Trouble On Big Beat Street

Pere Ubu unveil their new album, ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’, nearly four years after their previous record for Cherry Red, ‘The Long Goodbye’.

‘The Modern Dance’ (1978) marked the end of Rock ‘n’ Roll. ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’ marks the end of The Song. Pere Ubu ended with ‘The Long Goodbye’ (their last album, also on Cherry Red, from 2019). Pere Ubu begins again with ‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’.

If you missed the last 48 years then imagine a bad- attitude. Imagine Electric Light Orchestra – the version with Roy Wood – then add Muddy Waters playing guitar and Nina Simone singing.

‘Trouble On Big Beat Street’, the 19th Pere Ubu studio album. David Thomas produced, mixed, and engineered it. The vinyl release is ten tracks. The cd release includes all 17 tracks recorded during the sessions.
Those extra seven tracks were too good to lose but took up too much time to fit on a vinyl release.

Pere Ubu is David Thomas, Keith Moliné, Gagarin, Alex Ward, Andy Diagram, Michele Temple and Jack Jones.

Keith Moliné and Andy Diagram are the two pale boys. They have played with David more than 28 years.
Electronica artist Gagarin was soundman for the two pale boys. Michele Temple has been in Pere Ubu 30 years. Improviser and life-long fan Alex Ward submitted a cover version of a David Thomas song to the band’s live-streaming show. David invited him to join the band. David met Jack Jones in the pub.

1 Love Is Like Gravity
2 Moss Covered Boondoggle
3 Crocodile Smile
4 Movie In My Head
5 Nyah Nyah Nyah
6 Worried Man Blues
7 Let’s Pretend
8 Satan’s Hamster
9 Crazy Horses
10 Uh Oh
Bonus CD only tracks
11 76 BPM
12 Pidgin Music
13 Nothin But A Pimp
14 Sleep
15 From Adam
16 I Dont Get It
17 Goodnight

NB: These bonus tracks will not be available on vinyl or for streaming/download

Label: Cherry Red 
Released: 2023

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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