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Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain CD

Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain CD

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Viktor Vaughn – Vaudeville Villain

Back in 2003, during an incredible period of growth and reinvention for legendary artist MF DOOM, he introduced us to one of his numer- ous alter egos, Viktor Vaughn. As the story goes, Viktor Vaughn was an interdimensional time-traveling MC from an alternate realm where Hip-Hop was banned. He’d been exploring time and space looking for new dimensions to sharpen him to 90s era NYC, where he found himself stranded due to a mechanical mishap with his time machine. He began hitting open mics and small venues, battling other MCs and picking up a few side-hustles in order to raise enough funds to repair his time machine and get back to his travels.

Vaudeville Villain is a concept album like no other, where MF DOOM re-envisions himself as a younger, hungrier, more brazen persona, in order to explore subjects new and old from a different point of view. Of course, developing a second self from a more technologically advanced universe, he wanted to take a new approach to the produc- tion too. Viktor Vaughn fittingly raps over next-school beats that move freely in spaces between Electronica and Hip Hop, all courtesy of Sound-Ink producers King Honey, Heat Sensor and Max Bill, with the exception of one track produced by RJD2. Featuring all original lyrics by DOOM, with a few notable guest appearances from M. Sayyid (Anti-Pop Consortium), Lord Sear, Apani B Fly MC, Louis Logic, and more, Vaudeville Villain is one of the more uniquely creative entries in the MF DOOM universe.

1 Overture 0:34
2 Vaudeville Villain 2:31
3 Lickupon 2:44
4 The Drop 3:25
5 Lactose And Lecithin 2:34
6 A Dead Mouse 3:55
7 Raedawn 3:00
8 Let Me Watch 4:27
9 Open Mic Nite, Pt. 1 4:09
10 Saliva 2:28
11 Modern Day Mugging 2:43
12 Open Mic Nite, Pt. 2 3:13
13 Never Dead 3:27
14 Popsnot 4:39
15 Mr. Clean 2:13
16 G.M.C. 3:33
17 Change The Beat 6:55

Label: Rhymesayers
Released: 2003/2023

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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