Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven V1/v2 6LP Box Set

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven V1/v2 6LP Box Set

Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven V1/v2 6LP Box Set

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Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven V1/v2

'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volumes 1 & 2' are the fifth and sixth studio album by Five Finger Death Punch. Both were released in 2013 and were produced by Kevin Churko and Five Finger Death Punch. This new vinyl box set format contains: 'Wrong Side of Heaven Vol 1' + 3 bonus tracks (silver metallic colour variant on 140g vinyl), 'Purgatory: Tales From The Pit' + 2 bonus tracks (live album on 140g vinyl), and 'Wrong Side of Heaven Vol 2' (gold metallic colour variant on 140g vinyl). 43 songs are included across three 2xLP sets housed in gatefold sleeves, while individual album artwork also features unique new images of the band. The package also includes a new remix of the song 'Burn MF' featuring Rob Zombie.

Disc 1
Side 1
1. Lift Me Up (feat. Rob Halford of Judas Priest)
2. Watch You Bleed
3. You
4. Wrong Side Of Heaven
Side 2
1. Burn MF
2. I.M. Sin
3. Anywhere But Here
4. Dot Your Eyes

Disc 2
Side 1
1. M.I.N.E. (End This Way)
2. Mama Said Knock You Out (feat. Tech N9ne)
3. Diary Of A Deadman
Side 2
1. I.M. Sin (feat. Max Cavalera)
2. Anywhere But Here (feat. Maria Brink)
3. Dot Your Eyes (feat. Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed)

Disc 3
Side 1
1. Here To Die
2. Weight Beneath My Sin
3. Wrecking Ball
Side 2
1. Battle Born
2. Cradle To The Grave
3. Matter Of Time

Disc 4
Side 1
1. The Agony Of Regret
2. Cold
3. Let This Go
Side 2
1. My Heart Lied
2. A Day In My Life
3. House Of The Rising Sun

Disc 5
Side 1
1. Intro
2. Under And Over It
3. Burn It Down
4. American Capitalist
5. Hard To See
Side 2
1. Coming Down
2. Bad Company
3. White Knuckles

Disc 6
Side 1
1. Drum Solo
2. Far From Home
3. Never Enough
4. War Is The Answer
5. Remember Everything
Side 2
1. No One Gets Left Behind
2. The Bleeding
3. Burn MF (Mr Kane + Nikka Bling Remix feat. Rob Zombie)
4. Weight Beneath My Skin (feat. Ryan Clark)

Label: Better Noise Music
Released: 2023

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