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Bjørkø – Heartrot CD

Bjørkø – Heartrot CD

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Bjørkø – Heartrot

CD edition.

Amorphis guitarist Tomi Koivusaari digs into his bloody roots with solo project Bjørkø and upcoming album "Heartrot"

Best known as the driving force behind Finnish metal icons Amorphis, guitarist Tomi Koivusaari steps into his own spotlight with Bjørkø, his long-awaited solo project. A journey 15 years in the making, "Heartrot," the project's debut album, will be released this December through Svart Records.

Creativity unleashed

For years, Koivusaari has been the one of the creative backbones of Amorphis, a band synonymous with innovation in heavy music. Now, with Bjørkø ("Birch Island" in English), Koivusaari ventures beyond band dynamics to showcase his distinct artistic vision.

Musical tapestry unbound by conventions

Unfettered by the structural limitations of a traditional band, "Heartrot" stands as a testament to Koivusaari's versatility and depth. "It's a collection of various songs and points of view," he says. "I didn't want a traditional approach to limit my artistic expression."

Sonic depth and emotional complexity

"Heartrot" serves as an emotional panorama, each track capturing a unique sentiment. Koivusaari describes it as "a soundtrack to an imaginary film" replete with a "strong visual connection to nature and an ever-present sense of melancholy."

Stellar line-up to complement a visionary

The album is far from a solo endeavor in the traditional sense. It features an all-star lineup of vocalists in multiple languages, contributing to an atmosphere that's rich and multi-layered. The talent of Waltteri Väyrynen (Opeth, ex-Paradise Lost), Lauri Porra (Stratovarius), and Janne Lounatvuori (Hidria Spacefolk) adds a rock-solid foundation to Koivusaari's artistry.

1. The Heartroot Rots (feat. Jeff Walker / Carcass)
2. Vaka Loka (feat. Addi Tryggvason / Solstafir)
3. Whitebone Wind (feat. Marco Hietala)
4. Värinvaihtaja (feat. Ismo Alanko)
5. Awakening
6. World As Fire and Hallucination (feat. Stian Thoresen / Dimmu Borgir)
7. The Trickster (feat. Jessi Frey / Velcra)
8. Hooks In The Sky (feat. Tomi Joutsen)
9. Magenta (feat. Mariska) 
10. Reverberations (feat. Sakari Kukko)

Label: Svart Records
Released: 2023

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