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Fear Factory – Demanufacture CD

Fear Factory – Demanufacture CD

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Fear Factory – Demanufacture

‘Demanufacture’ just bleeds rage and dissidence. Newcomer Christian Olde Wolbers did a damn good job on bass, as his presence is felt everywhere on here, matching perfectly with both Raimond Herrera’s frenetic double-bass attack and Dino Cazare’s surgically precise riffs. “Replica” and “New Breed,” two of the slower numbers, were given added heft due to his playing. Burton C. Bell’s vocal changed significantly, he adopted a more hardcore approach. Still, Bell’s Good Robocop/Bad Robocop vocals elevated this album to levels unattainable to most mere mortals, including Fear Factory themselves. This is still heralded as an absolute classic in the world of metal!

1. Demanufacture
2. Self Bias Resistor
3. Zero Signal
4. Replica
5. New Breed
6. Dog Day Sunrise
7. Body Hammer
8. Flashpoint
9. H-K (Hunter-Killer)
10. Pisschrist
11. A Therapy For Pain

Label: Music On CD
Released: 1995/2023

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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