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Camel – Music Inspired by The Snow Goose LP

Camel – Music Inspired by The Snow Goose LP

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Camel – Music Inspired by The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose is the third studio album by the band Camel, released in 1975. The critical success. of “The White Rider” suite (based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and appearing on the band’s previous 1974 album, Mirage) inspired the group to write more novel-inspired conceptual suites. This remaster from the original tapes is released as part of a wider campaign featuring a 32 disc career boxset and is released just before the band start their UK tour, pressed on black vinyl.

Side A
1. The Great Marsh
2. Rhayader
3. Rhayader Goes To Town
4. Sanctuary
5. Fritha
6. The Snow Goose
7. Friendship
8. Migration
9. Rhayader Alone

Side B
1. Flight Of The Snow Goose
2. Preparation
3. Dunkirk
4. Epitaph
5. Fritha Alone
6. La Princesse Perdue
7. The Great Marsh

Label: Decca
Released: 1975/2023

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