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Jessie Reyez – Yessie LP

Jessie Reyez – Yessie LP

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Jessie Reyez – Yessie

On Jessie Reyez' second album, the Grammy-nominated, 4x Juno-winning, singer-songwriter captures the human experience in a way that is at once unique and relatable. 'YESSIE', the album title and moniker affectionately used by her family, touches on the self-destruction and healing that comes after the demise of a toxic relationship. On the haunting track, 'Mutual Friend', Jessie releases any lingering emotion she carries while declaring her independence, effortlessly weaving her trauma and resiliency while proving yet again why she is an unstoppable force.

A1 Mood 2:59
A2 Hittin 2:46
A3 Forever 3:43
A4 Queen St. W 2:52
A5 Mutual Friend 3:27

B1 Tito's 2:53
B2 Only One 3:04
B3 Still C U 3:14
B4 Break Me Down 3:11
B5 Emotional Detachment Demo 4:57
B6 Adiós Amor 2:39

Label: Island Records

Released: 2022

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