Global Underground – Unique 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Global Underground – Unique 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Global Underground – Unique

GU presents Unique, twelve of the most exciting producers in electronic music today, who have each created exclusive tracks for this release. With music from Tinlicker, Giorgia Angiuli, Sasha Carassi ft. Mz Sunday Luv, Magit Cacoon, Fur Coat & Final Request, AFFKT, Emanuel Satie, Florian Kruse, Gai Barone, EdOne, James Harcourt and Kamilo Sanclemente. Available as a limited edition double, heavyweight, coloured vinyl format.

1. Tinlicker - Starchaser (Extended Mix)
2. Giorgia Angiuli - Thank You So Much
3. Sasha Carassi & Mz Sunday Luv - The Seekers
4. Fur Coat & Final Request - Unmasked
5. Emanuel Satie - Coloring Book
6. EdOne - Don't You Know Magit Cacoon - Rhythm One
7. Florian Kruse - Can I Get The Light (Feat. MOUI)
8. James Harcourt - Cyclone
9. AFFKT - Coral
10. Kamilo Sanclemente - Post Human
11. Gai Barone - Like A Cat

Label: Global Underground
Released: 2023

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