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Gentle Giant ‎– Power And The Glory LP

Gentle Giant ‎– Power And The Glory LP

Gentle Giant ‎– Power And The Glory LP

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Gentle Giant ‎– Power And The Glory

For the 40th Anniversary of their 1974 Progrock classic, the members of the band, together with Steven Wilson, put together these remix / remastered versions of their album. The small edition at the time was quickly sold out and this LP edition is now a sought-after collector's item - not only among Gentle Giant fans, but prog rock fans worldwide. Now, for the first time, on the occasion of the almost 50th Anniversary, there is a reprint that corresponds 1:1 to the 2014 version. If you didn't get one back then, you should hurry up, because this edition is also limited again! 180g LP in a gatefold sleeve with the Steven Wilson stereo mix plus a bonus track! The additional track is 'hidden' on the second side and is not credited on the artwork.

Side 1:
1. Proclamation
2. So Sincere
3. Aspirations
4. Playing The Game

Side 2:
1. Cogs In Cogs
2. No God's A Man
3. The Face
4. Valedictory
5. The Power And The Glory (Bonustrack)

Label: Alucard

Released: 1974/2024

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