Filter – The Amalgamut 2LP

Filter – The Amalgamut 2LP

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Filter – The Amalgamut 

The Amalgamut is the third studio album by American rock band Filter, released in 2002.

Unlike their first two albums Short Bus (1995) and Title of Record (1999), which were both certified platinum, the album stalled prior to hitting 100,000 copies sold, in part due to frontman Richard Patrick cancelling its main tour in order to enter a rehab facility.

The album still had two singles released in its promotion: "Where Do We Go from Here" and "American Cliché". The Amalgamut was the last album to feature band members Geno Lenardo, Frank Cavanagh, and Steve Gillis, with Patrick starting up the band Army of Anyone upon getting out of rehab. It was the last Filter album to be released until six years later, when Patrick reformed the band with new members and released 2008's Anthems for the Damned.


A1 You Walk Away 4:36
A2 American Cliche 3:37
A3 Where Do We Go From Here 5:35

B1 Columind 3:36 B2 The Missing 4:47
B3 The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way) 5:13

C1 My Long Walk To Jail 4:07
C2 So I Quit 3:24
C3 God Damn Me 4:15
C4 It Can Never Be The Same 4:32

D1 World Today 5:50
D2 The 4th 8:05

Label: Craft Recordings
Released: 2002/2023

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