Brooklyn Bounce – System Shock (The Lost Album 1999) 2LP

Brooklyn Bounce – System Shock (The Lost Album 1999) 2LP

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Brooklyn Bounce – System Shock (The Lost Album 1999)

Longplay was supposed to see the light of day in 1999, but for a number of reasons the release had to be postponed, because of which its official release took place only after 7 years. The album contains such big hits as "Canda!" and "Funk U", which peaked at number 8 on the world charts.

A1 System Shock Launch (Interlude) 0:35
A2 Canda! (Club Mix) 7:58
A3 Time & Space (Album Mix) 7:12
A4 Tiempo De La Luna (Album Mix) 6:03

B1 History (Interlude) 1:13
B2 Disco (Album Mix) 4:02
B3 Take The Power Back (Album Mix) 4:59
B4 Welcome To Slavery (Interlude) 1:12
B5 Hack The Planet (Album Mix) 4:28
B6 Your Mind (Album Mix) 4:30

C1 Preacher (Interlude) 0:48
C2 Funk U (Club Mix) 6:08
C3 Chaos (Album Mix) 5:15
C4 Raise Your Hands (Album Mix) 4:31
C5 Beatnomore (Interlude) 1:56

D1 Contact (Original Club Mix) 6:47
D2 Quicksand (Album Mix) 6:45
D3 Listen To The Bells (Main Mix) 3:08
D4 Are You Ready To Go (Interlude) 0:58

Label: Maschina Records

Released: 2006/2023 

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