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Bones - Bigger Than Jesus LP Transparent Green Vinyl

Bones - Bigger Than Jesus LP Transparent Green Vinyl

Bones - Bigger Than Jesus LP Transparent Green Vinyl

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tHE Bones - Bigger Than Jesus

Limited repress of 400 copies on transparent green vinyl.

Svart Records proudly presents the vinyl reissue of The Bones' 2002 album Bigger Than Jesus

The Bones are a punk ’n’ roll band from Karlskrona, Sweden founded in 1996. With the high energy punk and rock recipe of The Ramones and Motörhead as the base, some 50's and 60's rock'n'roll thrown in to the mix and topped off with sweet melodies à la The Bay City Rollers and The Barracudas, The Bones know for sure how to produce catchy, uptempo earworms. Their sophomore album Bigger Than Jesus (2002), originally released by People Like You, is 14 solid hits of beer-soaked punk 'n' roll hymns guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

"The sonic equivalent of Elvis, Johnny Cash, The Ramones and Social Distortion jammed in the backseat of a cadillac watching „Grease“ at a seedy Drive In, took Punks, Rockers and even Metalheads by storm. The next album „Bigger Than Jesus“ followed the success of its predecessor and THE BONES reputation as a a killer live act began to grow instantly. Sharing the stage with bands and friends like Motörhead, Cockney Rejects or Die Toten Hosen, THE BONES had made it from the local swedish youth clubs to the top of europe’s club- and festvial circuit, building up a strong following of like-minded rock’n’roll party animals." metalinside.de 

A1 Chrome, Smoke And Thunderroads
A2 Hey Baby
A3 Denial
A4 Something's Wrong
A5 Hate
A6 Casino Knockout
A7 Memphis '77

B1 Screwed, Blued And Tattooed
B2 Going Nowhere
B3 Flashback
B4 Zero To Ten
B5 Graveyard Gloria F.O.D.
B6 Long Gone
B7 Dead And Gone (Vinyl Bonus Track)

Label: Svart Records
Released: 2002/2023

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