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Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret 2LP

Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret 2LP

Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret 2LP

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Soft Cell – Non-Stop Exotic Cabaret

One of the elements Soft Cell’s of rapturously-received December 2023 deluxe 6 CD boxset of their stone cold 1981 electro pop classic Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret was the inclusion of the entire original album presented as extended 12” versions. Now available on vinyl for Record Store Day, Non-Stop Extended Cabaret features contemporary full-length versions of the tracks, many of which have never been on vinyl before.

The debut album from Marc Almond and Dave Ball (aka Soft) is truly an icon of electronic music. Not only did Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret introduce the world to classic singles “Tainted Love” (one of the biggest global hits of all time,) “Bedsitter,” and “Say Hello Wave Goodbye,” it also shocked and delighted in equal measure with a 10-track song cycle straight out of the seedier, sleazier, darker side of life. “Sex Dwarf,” “Frustration,” “My Secret Life,” and “Seedy Films,” still have the power to thrill, shock and swoon four decades on.

This release was created by Dave Ball using only the original studio parts – they’re not remixes, they’re extended versions! Also included are a new reworking of their first single for Phonogram, “A Man Can Get Lost,” and the new, previously unreleased remixes of its flipside, “Memorabilia,” by The Hacker and Daniel Miller.


1. Frustration (2023 Extended Version)
2. Tainted Love (Dave Ball 2021 Extended Mix)
3. Seedy Films (2023 Extended Version)

4. Youth (2018 Dave Ball 2018 'Wasted On The Young' Mix)
5. Sex Dwarf (2023 Extended Version)
6. Entertain Me (2023 Extended Version)
7. Chips On My Shoulder (2018 Extended Mix)

8. Bedsitter (1981 Extended Version)
9. Secret Life (2018 Extended Version)
10. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (2018 Dave Ball Lateral Mix)

11. A Man Could Get Lost (2023 Extended Version)
12. Memorabilia (Daniel Miller 2023 Remix)
13. Memorabilia (The Hacker 2023 Remix)

Label: Mercury/Island
Released: 2024

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