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Kvartetten Som Sprängde – Kattvals LP Splatter Vinyl

Kvartetten Som Sprängde – Kattvals LP Splatter Vinyl

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Kvartetten Som Sprängde – Kattvals

Finally available again – in a special new psychedelic splatter vinyl limited edition of 600 copies! Kvartetten Som Sprängde (The Quartet That Exploded) “Kattvals” (“Cat Waltz”). A reissue of one of the most beautiful and sought after psych rock, progressive pre-jazz rock instrumental albums ever recorded in Sweden. Originally released during the summer of 1973 by the obscure Gump label. Powered by a C-3 organ, Ludwig kit and 50-watt Marshall head with a home-built cabinet, this skilled 3-piece (not a quartet) absolutely soars and blast away heavenly. The delicate use of the studio echo-chamber lends a magical, gossamer reverb to the whole sound. Includes a 4-page insert with rare photos and extensive liner notes by Reine Fiske (Dungen).


A1 Andesamba 5:08
A2 På En Sten 4:27
A3 Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen 8:45

B1 Kattvals 4:43
B2 The Sudden Grace 4:49
B3 Vågspel 3:32
B4 Ölandsshuffle 3:46

Label: Subliminal Sounds
Released: 1973/2024

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