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Within Temptation – The Q-Music Sessions CD

Within Temptation – The Q-Music Sessions CD

Within Temptation – The Q-Music Sessions CD

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Within Temptation – The Q-Music Sessions

The Q-Music Sessions is a special Within Temptation cover album that consists of eleven covers performed by the band for Dutch radio station Q-Music. Leading up to the band’s 15th anniversary back in 2013, Within Temptation was asked by Q-Music to perform existing hit songs and change it into a Within Temptation style version. Of course, the band trans­formed each song into a more symphonic rock variant.

Lead vocalist Sharon den Adel stated: “Our approach was to really make the cover a new Within Temptation song. So, not going the easy way by using only a piano or an acoustic guitar for example, but really trying to put all the elements of a Within Temptation track in this new version. It was quite a challenge because we had only one week to get it right, while recording an original Within Temptation song can sometimes takes up half a year! But this pressure also gave us an [sic] creative boost and it was very rewarding to get it done in time each week.

Also, we learned a lot from the in-depth analysis we needed to make on these hits, written by others, in com­bination with implementing our own sound and style in each new cover. We are glad that we’ve taken up this challenge and are very proud of the result”.

Within Temptation covered artists such as Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, Lana Del Rey and The Who. The Q-Music Sessions was originally released on CD in 2013. Long time out of print, the album is now finally available again on CD. For the first time the album is housed in a jewel case and the first run of 2.000 numbered copies also includes a slipcase.

1. Grenade
2. Titanium
3. Let Her Go
4. Summertime Sadness
5. Radioactive
6. Crazy
7. Dirty Dancer
8. Don T You Worry Child
9. Behind Blue Eyes
10. The Power of Love
11. Apologize

Label: Music On CD
Released: 2013/2024

Tuotteen koko pakattuna tai myyntipakkauksen koko on arviolta 150 x 130 x 20 mm.

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