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Queen Latifah – Nature of a Sistah LP

Queen Latifah – Nature of a Sistah LP

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Queen Latifah – Nature of a Sistah

With her debut album, All Hail The Queen, Queen Latifah asserted that women would not be hip-hop novelties and established herself as one of the genre’s most influential artists. Two years later, in September 1991, she returned with her sophomore album, Nature of a Sistah, a positivity-dominant, cross-genre dabbling set of R&B, dance, funk, and reggae that tested the limits of hip-hop.
The majority of the production on Nature of a Sistah is done by Soulpower Productions. Accompanying them on the production side are Naughty By Nature, K-Cut from Main Source, Luis Vega, and Nevelle Hodge. Together, they wove a follow-up that would widen a path for both Latifah and her successors to come. 
This release features "Fly Girl," "How Do I Love Thee," and "Latifah's Had It Up 2 Here."


A1 Latifah's Had It Up 2 Here
A2 Nuff Of The Ruff' Stuff'
A3 One Mo' Time
A4 Give Me Your Love
A5 Love Again
A6 Bad As A Mutha

B1 Fly Girl
B2 Sexy Fancy
B3 Nature Of A Sista'
B4 That's The Way We Flow
B5 If You Don't Know
B6 How Do I Love Thee

Label: Tommy Boy Music
Released: 1991/2024

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