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Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire 2LP Coloured Vinyl

Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire 2LP Coloured Vinyl

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Royal Flush – Ghetto Millionaire

Coalmine Reissues is pleased to announce this special edition reissue of Royal Flush’s time-honored debut LP, Ghetto Millionaire, marking just the second time that the vinyl has ever been repressed.

Royal Flush first jumped on the scene as a part of New York’s burgeoning Queensboro hip-hop scene of the mid-’90s. Coming up under the wings of Mic Geronimo as part of the infamous Wastlanz crew, Flush shadowed Geronimo on over half of the album cuts featured throughout Geronimo’s The Natural, creating a memorable one-two punch akin to Ghostface Killah’s heavy presence on Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.

Flush’s solo debut Ghetto Millionaire hit in August of 1997 and perfectly captures the mid-to-late ‘90s sound of East Coast street rap with a notable production roster that boasts Da Beatminerz, L.E.S., Buckwild, Hi-Tek and Chyskillz among others. Ghetto Millionaire is a memorable trip to the latter half of the Golden Era, abound with Flush’s crime-ridden world of hardcore street rap that’s backed by a first-rate soundscape. 
Ghetto Millionaire is set for a Record Store Day 2024 reissue on baby blue and black galaxy colored vinyl


A Side 
A1. Intro
A2. I Been Getting’ So Much $ 
A3. Iced Down Medallions (feat. Noreaga) 
A4. Can’t Help It (feat. Khadejia)
A5. Illiodic Shines (feat. Mic Geronimo)

B Side 
B1. Movin’ On Your Weak Productions
B2. Conflict (feat. Wastlanz)
B3. Shines 
B4. Family Problems

C Side 
C1. What A Shame (feat. Noreaga)
C2. Regulate (feat. Mic Geronimo)
C3. Worldwide
C4. Niggas Night Out

D Side 
D1. International Currency
D2. War 
D3. Makin’ Moves
D4. Reppin (feat. Michell Mitchell) 
D5. Dead Letter

Label: Coal Mine
Released: 1997/2024

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