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Grapefruit – Around Grapefruit LP

Grapefruit – Around Grapefruit LP

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Grapefruit – Around Grapefruit

Grapefruit – Around Grapefruit officially reissued for the first time on vinyl. Here’s a definitive pop psych masterpiece, originally released in 1968 on Dunhill Records. It’s not a legend that John Lennon named the band after an art book by Yoko Ono. The Beatles were closely involved in their early career, signing them to Apple Publishing. Lennon and McCartney produced their single “lullaby”. Here’s their debut album with extra tracks taken from their 1967-1968 London Session.

Side A
Another Game
Yesterday’s Sunshine
C’mon Marianne
Extra tracks from The London Session 1967-1968:
Dead Boot
Somebody’s Turning On The People
Trying To Make It To Monday

Side B
Round Going Round
Dear Delilah
This Little Man
Ain’t It Good
Theme For Twiggy
Someday Soon
Extra tracks from The London Session 1967-1968:
Do What You Want To (AKA Learn To Love Me)
One More Try

Label: Bonfire Records
Released: 2024

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