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Chris de Burgh ‎– The Legend Of Robin Hood 2LP Red Vinyl

Chris de Burgh ‎– The Legend Of Robin Hood 2LP Red Vinyl

Chris de Burgh ‎– The Legend Of Robin Hood 2LP Red Vinyl

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Chris de Burgh ‎– The Legend Of Robin Hood

Re-imagining the fabled tale of the folklore favourite Robin Hood has been the latest creative challenge for Chris de Burgh. The compelling result breathes music and lyrical life into a centuries-old and much-loved classic. Regardless of its central theme, the music stands up on its own as a new collection of vintage Chris de Burgh material, with instant, sing-along crowd-pleasers. The tenth Chris de Burgh album to be produced by Chris Porter, ‘The Legend of Robin Hood’ is another aural extravaganza, played flawlessly by seasoned, talented musicians across a plethora of musical styles, from Medieval, ‘traditional’, nursery rhyme, folk and Celtic-infused to rock, classical and choral.

Limited Edition, Red Vinyl.

1. The Robin Hood Overture
2. The Tale of Robin Hood
3. The Wedding Feast
4. Only a Child
5. The Man With the Double Face
6. Home From the War (Part 1)
7. Live Life, Live Well
8. Home From the War (Part 2)
9. Open Your Eyes
10. The Arrest!
11. Break the Law!

1. In Sherwood Forest
2. The Speech To the Outlaws
3. Light a Fire!
4. The Robbery
5. We've Got the Money
6. A Love Revealed
7. I'm Falling In Love (All Over Again)
8. In Prison
9. The Duel
10. Where My Last Arrow Falls
11. A Man For the Ages
12. Legacy

Label: Butler Records
Released: 2021/2022

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